Vivid Marketing
Coors Light Silver Bullet Train

Vivid Marketing asked us to build a mobile exhibit for their client Coors Light that captured the spirit of the brand, and 75 short days later this train left the station. The iconic “Silver Bullet” may never see tracks, but it has definitely seen its share of North America.

It’s part of a complete Coors experience that includes a brewery, a short brand history tour and a self-contained ice-themed nightclub. The train itself does more than just sit there. It’s equipped to chill and store 200 cases of brew for starters. Open the doors and you get a blast of Coors-cold steam, accompanied by a genuine steam whistle. Except for the removable cow catcher, the award-winning display travels pretty much intact.

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  • Event Marketer Ex Award Best Design - Mobile Tour
  • Event Design Award Best Mobile Marketing Vehicle
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