Dana Holding Corporation
Dana Corporate Office and Technology Center (COTC)

Innovation is Dana’s DNA. It’s what composes its character, ignites its imagination, drives its desire to excel and defines its future. In 2015, Dana Holding Corporation’s global brand vocabulary culminated with a new North American HQ Technology and Innovation Center remodel. EEI Global worked closely with Dana to design and create a memorable curated experience.

Aesthetically pristine in appearance the solution has the ability convey an identity that is rich in content and context. The machined appearance of stainless steel and surgical white surfaces create the canvas for Dana innovations that appear to float in the open space. One that is steadfastly focused on Dana’s heritage, capabilities and product offerings across all markets. The final design and execution respects signature Dana display icons while imagining the future of less traditional display mass and keener focus on product and technology. The flexible concept offers a space that can become theatrical for dynamic presentations, yet it still retains elements for one-on-one storytelling.

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