General Motors
GM Performance and Racing Center Lobby

Instantly immerse yourself in the exciting world of racing as you enter the GM Performance & Racing Center Lobby in Pontiac, Michigan.

Intended to be General Motors’ Racing showplace, this immersive experience, designed by Jack Morton and realized by EEI Global, makes it clear that motorsports are a big part of the company’s DNA and culture. The tall entryway boldly invites guests in with windows displaying custom artwork to show the spirit of GM Racing. A high intensity LED wall, visible from the road, peaks the curiosity of visitors. Exploded & cutaway engines reveal the components that drive GM’s racing experience and production-vehicle powertrains.  An interactive kiosk welcomes them, giving brief safety instructions while printing out their custom visitor’s badge.

GM’s racing experience and production-vehicle powertrains. are prompted to explore and discover GM racing through engaging location maps and interactive timelines. The conference center also provides a flexible space for groups of various sizes to meet. Floating walls promote multi-use functionality and the 4K monitors complete this ideal presentation space.  The end result leaves no doubt that you have experienced a facility that produces many of the world’s best and most-winning engines.

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